Saturday, August 15, 2009

MS Cupcake Club - First Assignement!!

DISCLAIMER- All photos were taking my my camera phone - so they're not fabulous :(
and please excuse the train wreck spelling - yes, I did just see that I wrote "Moose" to describe the frosting" rather than editing I figured I'd leave my first blog post ever in its pure for for historical purposes :) !!!

Ok - I just can't figure out how to edit photos and post them in order. so look at them backwards for now :)
so - above you see all the steps that are documented.
at the end of the day I'm not a huge fan of these as cupcakes...they're more of a candy to me. maybe if they were a larger size? "Mr. Byte" however - loves them! Hope you enjoy!

I will say - the cake is delicious, nice deep chocolate flavor. great moist crumb!
the Caramel - DELISH!!!! more of fa caramel chew rather than a sauce. But a bit too soft to eat as a candy. make sense? Either with or without salt - I'm not afraid of making caramel anymore! super easy and yummy! I'll do this again for sure!
Frosting...more of a moose type of consistency. not super sweet and has that really rich chocolaty taste. which is perfect for this combo with the sweet caramel. but, in my heart, I'm a butter cream type of girl! again - Mr. Byte really loved this!

Align Centera nice pretty shot all done!

and a nice shot of the caramel-ie inside!!!

ready for their close up!

I turned my back to get the fancy salt to garnish and came back to this mystery wrapper! 'Mr Byte' was that you????

Step 3...turn it all over to big red!

Step two..melt it on my make shift double boiler

Time for frosting - step one...GOOOD chocolate!

Carmel filled cuppies

all smooth and just added some flur de sal

and we have caramel folks

starting to turn that yummy amber color
just about there
bubbly bubbly bubbly
and caramel bubbling away

Sugar and water - beginning stages of Caramel
And please note the coffee maker on and ready to go in the background :)

Ingredients all set out and ready to go!

'Big Red' all done mixing wet and dryDry Ingredients ready to go


  1. Baking Bytes #1 FanAugust 15, 2009 at 9:02 PM

    The cupcakes look beautiful... and yummy. It must've took a lot of work with the caramel and everything. I wish I could eat one right now!

  2. I love all the detailed pictures of your work! I thought these were really rich, too. I agree with you about not being afraid to make caramel, I think I may try to make it again soon. I'm glad to be doing this challenge with you!

  3. We have the same buttermilk-kinda random, but I recognized the container in your shot of all the ingredients. They look lovely- good job!

  4. Nice job with the cupcakes! I love the way you piped your frosting! I thought these were really good and rich.

  5. Gorgeous cupcakes, loving the swirls. And I'm glad you're not afraid to make caramel anymore.
    Oh, and I kinda like the backward posting of pics, just like watching that movie Memento. :)

  6. I can't believe Mr. Byte only left one empty wrapper! Caramel is my total weakness. Is it Car-mel or Car-a-mel? We fight about that up here in Maine. Great job, they look wonderful and I'm flying you to Maine the next time we have a party!


  7. Wow- great shots with a camera phone! Lol, and I love how you refer to your stand mixer as "Big Red." How do you like her? I've lusted after the cobalt blue KitchenAid mixer forever and am thinking of asking for one for Christmas, but I've been reading a lot of negative reviews on-line about motors burning out, gears stripping, and oil leaking into the mixing bowl. :-( Any problems with Big Red?

  8. Thanks so much for all the comments everyone!
    Professor Gal - i LOVE my kitchenaid! I've never heard anyone complain about them...or heard of any of those problems. certainly every product has its dud once and awhile, I'm sure you're research is just showing that. i use mine a couple of times a week and have had it for just about a year now. I say go for it....they're a good company and will back up the product against any defects!
    Kristin....I'd LOVE to come and bake for you guys in Maine! :) too fun! .... Colleen

  9. Oh you gave of your prized Valrhona, only to be disappointed? Darn, hate that. Although I used some lesser chocolate and was not fond of the consistency, ok just different. Didn't pile up nicely but yes certainly mousselike. They were okay, I like bittersweet chocolate, and dark so these were really sweet. Your photos don't need apologies and I've certainly used my iphone before too. he he
    Nice to make new friends and nice to meet you. Thanks

  10. Wow.... to have a store nearby that sold block of Val! How lucky! I'm sure it was heavenly frosting.... Love the step-by-step photos, and the final product looked fantastic - truly. How funny, my KA "knob" that attaches to the lever that tilts the head up and down came off this weekend. It's cracked... but I'll glue it back on - since it's out of warranty. Could not bare to be without mine!!!

  11. Look at you! WONDERFUL job! I love all the detailed pictures! Camera phone worked like a charm!

    I am so glad you overcame the intimidation of making caramel!

    This recipe was a winner!

    Thanks so much for baking along with me. :)


  12. These are really great pictures for a camera phone! I loved the step by step pictures too!


  13. Love your cupcakes, they look perfect! I just put mine up yesterday